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The following headline blurbs announce some of Luna Design's accomplishments, partnerships and projects.

For more details, be sure to look at the case studies in the Portfolio section and the client details and project summaries in the Clients section.

Luna Design rearchitects and redevelops key Products section of TriQuint Semiconductor website

Luna Design rearchitected the way TriQuint's numerous products are stored and managed on The solution is a database-driven distributed, versioned, content management system with an easy-to-use administrative/publishing interface. End users benefit from numerous usability improvements that make products much easier to find.

Luna Design completes comprehensive content refresh for Schnitzer Steel, Pick-n-Pull and Cascade Steel.

Luna Design worked closely with Schnitzer Steel's stakeholders to revise the information architecture and develop new content as needed.

Luna Design leads creation of new online Tracker feature for Pick-n-Pull.

Pick-n-Pull's new Tracker system allows users to search for vehicles at any Pick-n-Pull store from the convenience of their web browser.

Luna Design completes major intranet portal for TriQuint Semiconductor.

This new interactive site serves as the internal hub for all TriQuint employees and contractors worldwide. It features an easy-to-use content management system that allows publishers to perform their tasks without requiring assistance from a web developer. Luna Design was responsible for the user interface design, architecture and development.

TriQuint highlights ease-of-doing-business with new Sample Request web application.

TriQuint's new Sample Request application allows customers, representatives and distributors to order product samples while providing a workflow for internal staff to review, approve and fulfill these requests. Luna Design was responsible for the user interface design, architecture and development.

Luna Design completes major extranet portal for TriQuint Semiconductor.

TriQuint's new Sales Portal provides a secure environment where TriQuint Sales and Marketing staff can provide sales resources to TriQuint staff, representatives and distributors. Luna Design was responsible for the user interface design, architecture and development.

Redesigned / redeveloped websites for GreenLeaf Auto Recyclers and Cascade Steel go live.

Luna worked closely with the teams from Schnitzer Steel's Greenleaf Auto Recyclers and Cascade Steel subsidiaries to redesign and redevelop their corporate websites ( and

Team led by Luna Design completes redesign and redevelopment of Pick-n-Pull website.

Luna worked closely with the team from Schnitzer Steel's Pick-n-Pull subsidiary to create a completely revamped retail-focused public site ( for its chain of nearly 50 stores across the U.S. and Canada.

Schnitzer Steel website redesign / redevelopment completed; team led by Luna Design.

The launch of the new marked the first of four launches that are the culmination of an extensive information architecture driven project to revamp the public website for Schnitzer Steel and the websites for its subsidiaries.

Enigma Semiconductor hits the prime-time with Luna Design.

Another repeat customer, Enigma emerged from "stealth mode" to announce its first product line and related solutions. As part of this product launch, Enigma turned to Luna to overhaul its home page and to fill in the site's content to ensure its new products were presented optimally.

Luna Design completes major content and infrastructure overhaul for TriQuint Semiconductor.

TriQuint took advantage of Luna's familiarity with the site's architecture to perform several architecture enhancements and a major content overhaul. In the process, the site gained a new top-level section and the Products hierarchy was significantly revamped to match TriQuint's current product line-up.

Axium unveils redesigned and rearchitected corporate site with Luna Design.

Luna worked closely with Axium and their Marcom department to create a new look corporate website with a new architecture that empowers Marcom's non-developers to manage the site's content.

Luna delivers online seminar registration site for Dunthorpe Marketing and JDSU.

On short notice, Luna Design set up a custom seminar registration site for JDSU's Trip-Play Technologies Seminar, organized by Dunthorpe Marketing with sessions across the United States and Canada.

TruTunnel re-launches company with new corporate website

Luna created a cost-efficient new site for TruTunnel (formerly known as Flatrock) by leveraging some materials from the old Flatrock site and coupling them with an updated design and a brand new template-based implementation.

Luna Design completes interactive "dashboard" application for IP Fabrics

Luna designed and developed an interactive, multi-threaded dashboard application for IP Fabrics that graphically displays and animates dozens of real-time statistics from the company's network processor OS. The application is written in C# .NET and receives data via XML messages sent in UDP packets.

See also: Case Study

PR start-up McKenzie Worldwide hits the ground running with website created by Luna Design

Luna designed and developed the first corporate site for McKenzie Worldwide. The site features an extensible design and infrastructure that can easily grow with the company.

Luna Design delivers strategic marketing with Dunthorpe Marketing

Luna delivered technology-based solutions for three Dunthorpe Marketing clients: Tektronix, Intel Press and Yahoo! HotJobs.

  09/22/2003 re-launches as OnPR with help from Luna Design

Luna redesigned and redeveloped the corporate site for OnPR as it changed its corporate identity. As a leading Northwest public relations agency, it was crucial that we handle the transition smoothly to minimize lost brand equity.

See also: Case Study

Tactix' corporate site is re-engineered by Luna Design

Luna redesigned and re-engineered the corporate site for Tactix, a leading Sun Microsystems reseller. We took care of everything from requirements to design to development to content creation and subsequent site updates.

See also: Case Study

Luna Design launches site for Enigma Semiconductor

Luna designed and developed the first site for Enigma Semiconductor, a semiconductor start-up. Key features include a technology-centric look and feel and a template structure that can grow with the company.

See also: Case Study

Luna Design completes site redesign for TriQuint Semiconductor

Luna redesigned the TriQuint Semiconductor site from scratch with special attention on creating an information architecture that works well for visitors from varying target audiences. We also architected the database-driven infrastructure and were heavily involved in the site's implementation and content creation.

See also: Case Study

Luna Design moves offices to Portland, Oregon

Although we'll miss the sunny San Francisco Bay Area, its great to be back in our home town.

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