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McKenzie Worldwide logo IP Fabrics is networking start-up that creates software for network processing units (NPU's) to enable manufacturers of networking equipment to build new products better, quicker and cheaper than with traditional means. Their technology consists of a very high-level packet processing language and a virtual machine environment that runs on Intel's NPU's. Using the company's software, products can be implemented that serve common network applications including firewalls, Virtual Private Networks, security gateways, intrusion detection, SPAM filtering, traffic monitoring and much more.

IP Fabrics selected Luna Design in 2004 and 2005 to design and develop an interactive "dashboard" application that graphically displays and animates dozens of real-time statistics from the company's network processor software. While at IP Fabrics, Luna Design:

  • Took logical diagrams of the system and designed a dashboard-like user interface that displays the current configuration and activity of the various NPU's.
  • Developed a multi-threaded desktop client application in C# and .NET Windows Forms that displays the dashboard and constantly updates it based on XML data received over the network.
  • Defined schema for XML messages used to communicate system configuration and activity.
  • Developed test server application to simulate the company's system and test dashboard application.
  • After success of initial deliverable, worked on several subsequent enhancements to add significant functionality to the original application.

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