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BigBook logo BigBook was a first generation Internet startup that launched a consumer-focused website featuring nationwide yellow page listings and other business information. As an early adopter of Web technology, BigBook paved the way for the success of future Internet portals offering traditional information in an online format.

In 1996, BigBook hired Luis Navarro as a User Interface Engineer to launch the initial website and further develop it. While at BigBook, Luis:

  • Helped define and flesh out product functionality including new features and later enhancements.
  • Assisted in UI design of the site, including HTML page layout.
  • Developed many of the site's C/C++ CGI programs on SGI and Sun workstations.
  • Led several complex projects from design to implementation to integration.
  • Mentored developers on other products.
  • Developed custom modules and configurations for the site's Apache HTTP servers.

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