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Zaplet, Inc. logo is a major financial website providing quotes, news and research on stocks, mutual funds and other security types.

In 1996, hired Luis Navarro to serve as their in-house User Interface Architect, long before this title became popular. While at, Luis:

  • Took the company's main website ( and redesigned it from scratch. Design tasks included:
    • Reorganizing site functionality
    • Designing new layouts
    • Enhancing site navigation and flow
    • Defining site-wide standards
    • Writing copy
  • Built CGI infrastructure for seemingly live prototype of new design.
  • Led implementation phase of redesign.
  • Assisted engineering group by developing authentication architecture, navigation bar implementation and writing countless HTML pages.
  • Helped draft requirements for other new products and designed functionality to satisfy these requirements.
  • Defined company-wide development processes and served as liaison between marketing and engineering groups.
  • Mentored developers on several projects.
  • Developed scripts and programs to process site access and browser logs, analyzed data and made strategic recommendations.

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