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Knowledge Universe logo Knowledge Universe is a $4 billion education company founded by Michael Milken and Larry Ellison. KU operates, incubates and invests in leading companies that help enable the new economy and that assist businesses and individuals in realizing their full potential. Operating companies provide products and services for children, parents and teachers; Internet-based resources for business professionals and knowledge workers; and workforce performance solutions for businesses and institutions.

In 1999, Luna Design was hired by Knowledge Universe to redesign the company's primary website. While at KU, we:

  • Took requirements from team and defined site functionality and information organization.
  • Designed site's interactive navigation model that allows easy traversal of the site even at the lowest levels of the site hierarchy.
  • Worked with content writers, graphic designer and engineer to ensure consistent, efficient design.
  • Created a flexible template system to facilitate page authoring and advised on other technical issues.

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