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In the summer of 2003, Luna Design performed a full redesign and redevelopment of the Tactix corporate website.

While the main goal was to update the site's content to reflect the evolution of the company, Tactix also wanted to take the opportunity to create a design that matches the cutting-edge products and services they offer. At the same time, we put a lot of effort into creating the information architecture and content to accurately reflect and introduce the diverse areas Tactix does business in.

Some of the pages Luna designed and developed include:

  • Home Page - This page focuses on introducing the company as well as its products and services. We also included two "feature" boxes with dynamic content that can be refreshed every few weeks to give visitors a reason to come back. Lastly, we employed actual HTML text (instead of images) for the introductory text so search engine spiders could pick up and index this very important content.

  • Company Page - This is an example of a "lobby" page that introduces the visitor to a section and gives the user a bit more direction than we can offer in a left or top navigation bar.

  • Contact Page - This page offers a good example of the clean, easy-to-read layout and text formatting that we employed throughout the site. We have found that an important facet of a usable site is a balanced amount of white space that allows the user's eyes to scan the page without getting tired.

  • Search Results - By integrating a powerful search engine into the site, users that know what they are looking for can quickly find what they need. However, for those that simply want to browse, a dynamic left navigation bar is available throughout the site that expands and contracts as you enter and leave site sections.

See Also: Tactix client page

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Home Page
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Company Page
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Contact Page
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Search Results
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