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Zaplet, Inc.

In 2000, Luna Design created designs for various components of Zaplet, Inc's cutting-edge consumer portal and enterprise-oriented intranet platform.

The Zaplet design is another good example of simple elegance in application design. Since Zaplet messages are sent and used from within the user's mailbox, the requirements called for a simple, lightweight design with lots of focus on user interactions with the application.

Some of the projects Luna Design worked on:

  • Zaplet Directory - This is the central location where users select which type of Zaplet message to send. Luna Design designed a complete hierarchical organization of all Zaplet types and created an interface that educates the user about the different Zaplet types and allows the user to select which type to author. A working prototype was also developed and usability tested.

  • Zaplet Sample - This is a component of the Zaplet Directory that displays a sample Zaplet of a specific type in a popup window. This not only helps the user decide which type to select but also helps give context to the questions that are asked when authoring a Zaplet.

  • Express Poll - A type of Zaplet message that allows a user to send interactive polls that recipients can interact with from within their mailbox.

  • Picture Poll - Similar to the Express Poll, but allows the recipients to vote on user-supplied images.

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Zaplet Directory
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Zaplet Sample
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Express Poll
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Picture Poll
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