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In the spring of 1998, Sun's Workstation Products Group hired Luna Design to organize the division's scattered documents and post them on a static server. While organizing the documents, Luna proposed, designed and built the Intranet Document Repository (IDR) - an automated system that allows non-technical users to publish and manage documents. Later in 1998 and 1999, two other Sun divisions hired Luna to install and further enhance the system. Snapshots of one of these installations are shown at right.

The IDR design once again follows the course of simple elegance. Since most users are comfortable with the file and folder metaphor found on all desktop computers, we leveraged this model heavily in our design. The pages are also fairly lightweight on graphics as Sun wanted its employees to be able to use the system over a dialup line.

Some of the IDR components Luna Design worked on:

  • Home Page - This page introduces the purpose of the site and welcomes the user. It also contains a "Tip Of The Day" feature that shows a different tip on how to use the system each time the page is visited.

  • Folder View - This is the main interface that users interact with in the repository. It displays the contents of the current folder and allows the user to open documents or sub-folders, much like a typical desktop computer's file management program.

  • Site Map - This dynamic page graphically shows the folders that currently make up the top levels of the document hierarchy. This quickly orients the user within the document hierarchy and allows him/her to quickly jump to a folder of interest.

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Home Page
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Folder View
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Site Map
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