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In the fall of 2003, OnPR (formerly known as hired Luna Design to redesign and redevelop their corporate site ( to coincide with the launch of their new corporate identity.

The two main goals of the redesign were to introduce the new corporate identity and to freshen up the look and feel with some visual excitement.

We devoted the home page to accomplishing the first goal. We started by creating a custom Flash animation for the first six months of the corporate transition that morphed the old company name and logo into the new one. After the initial six months, we planned to update the home page to only show the final frame of the animation with the new identity. We also worked with the client to create a laser-focused mission statement to quickly introduce the company and provided a "news" section for additional information transfer.

Instead of redesigning the entire site from scratch, we found that the trapezoid elements from the previous design were unique and recycled them into the new design. However, we enhanced them by bringing in some textures and introducing unique colors for each site section.

Some highlights of Luna's design and architecture:

  • The home page cleverly mixes Flash, images and some actual HTML text so the page will be better positioned in search engine results.

  • Each section has its own color and pattern; the Company section uses the new corporate blue to help people associate with the new identity.

  • Easy-to-use tab style navigation that is tied in with the section-specific colors to continue the color symbolism.

  • Smart HTML page templates that can handle varying amounts of content without losing the unique trapezoid elements that holds the visual design together.

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