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In the summer of 2002, Luna Design was hired to design and implement the first corporate website ( for Enigma Semiconductor, an early-stage fabless semiconductor start-up that was still operating in "stealth mode".

The main objective of the project was to create a simple yet appealing site that introduces the company and its product focus. As a new company, it was important that the site design accurately reflect the company's straightforward, professional personality and the excitement of its technology.

At the same time, Luna was challenged to create a site that could evolve with the company through several stages of growth. However, as an early-stage start-up, it was impossible to predict which directions future site expansions might take. As a result, Luna designed a simple layout that could easily handle the addition of several sections and implemented a simple template system that would allow non-technical users to add and edit site content.

Subsequently, Luna was hired to do content updates and in summer 2006, to perform a comprehensive update of the site's home page and Products section as the company emerged from "stealth mode" to unveil its groundbreaking technology offerings.

Some highlights of Luna's design:

  • Simple left navigation allows for the addition of new sections, even those with lengthy names.

  • Home page content is all implemented in HTML text (not images) so search engines can read and index it.

  • Products section features clean, easy-to-read tables and diagrams that hit home Enigma's value proposition.

  • Symbolic headers for each section contain representative photos that help users identify the section they are currently navigating. These will prove important in the future as sections become deeper with additional content.

  • Office location pages feature easy-to-read maps and directions. Maps clearly show key routes mentioned in the directions while still containing the rest of the city streets subtly etched into the background to provide perspective that is often missing from website maps.

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Home Page 2002
(Stealth Mode)
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Home Page 2006
(Products Unveiled)
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Solutions Page
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Switches Page
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US Location Page
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