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In the spring of 2002, Luna Design redesigned TriQuint's external site ( and assisted in its implementation.

One main focus of the redesign was to put a spotlight on the products and services offered by TriQuint and make it easier for customers' engineers to find them. The new design allows users to browse for products by application or by product function. Alternatively, users can search for all products that match specific detailed criteria.

Another main focus was to present a consistent site organization and design across several geographically separated divisions. This included the first-time integration of products and content from Sawtek, a company that had recently merged with TriQuint. This required some careful consideration of how to handle branding so that the site could leverage both companies' existing brand equity.

Ease of navigation was a key requirement that was solved by a primary navbar that displays the site sections and a database-driven left side navbar that dynamically expands and contracts to help the user navigate through a section's contents. Symbolic colors were assigned to each section and are subtly displayed to reinforce the identity of the different sections.

Finally, ease of authoring and site management was an important goal. As a result, Luna worked closely with TriQuint's team to create an authoring model, a database architecture and an extensive set of web-based administrative features that allow non-technical users to manage site sections, pages, products, news articles and much more.

Since 2004, Luna Design has worked with TriQuint on several design, feature and architecture enhancements and a major content overhaul (completed in April 2006). Nevertheless, the vast majority of the 2002 design and architecture work is still running strong, providing TriQuint with excellent return on their investment.

Some of the designs Luna worked on include:

  • Home Page - This page focuses on introducing the company as well as its products and services. From here, users can quickly begin browsing products within TriQuint's four main markets, search for specific parts by type or description, or perform a keyword search of the entire site. Also featured are an entry point for TriQuint's Foundry Services and TriQuint's latest product. Finally, this design includes sections containing recent company news headlines and "quick links" to commonly visited site sections.

  • Product Listings - Users browsing or searching for products are presented with dynamic database-driven product listings that group similar products, are sortable by any column and give quick access to datasheets and additional documents.

  • Lobby Pages - Each of the site's main sections features a "lobby" page that introduces the section and the sub-sections within it.

  • Site Map - This page offers a quick glance of the site's seven sections with easy access to all features. The page is completely database-driven so new site sections automatically appear when authors create them. This page also reinforces the color symbolism approach used through the site.

  • Site Pages Administration - This is part of the secure administration portal that TriQuint uses to manage its site. This feature allows the site admin to interactively walk through the sections and pages that make up the TriQuint site hierarchy and add, modify or delete pages where necessary.

  • Product Administration - This admin feature allows the site admin to add, modify or delete products. This sample shows the properties for an existing product and allows the site admin to change them.

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Home Page
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Sample Product Listing
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Company Section
"Lobby" Page
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Site Map
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Sample Site Pages Administration Page
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Sample Product Administration Page
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