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In spring of 2004, Luna Design was hired to design and implement the first corporate website ( for McKenzie Worldwide, a public relations start-up. In the process, Luna also created a corporate logo and color scheme that is still in use today.

To match the style and focus of the client, Luna created a design with a simple site structure and layout yet with a global technology feel to it. The left navigation is amply sized to support future expansions and the content layouts are optimized for ease of scanning and reading.

Some project highlights include:

  • Simple left navigation allows for the addition of new sections, even those with lengthy names.

  • Home page is designed for frequent content updates to keep visitors coming back.

  • Innovative bandwidth-sensitive Flash video content is featured on home page and on MWW Interactive page.

  • Clients page features a montage of client logos that serves not only to impress the visitor with McKenzie Worldwide's client list, but also as intuitive navigation to the corresponding client "bios".

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Clients Page
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