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In early 2006, Luna Design worked closely with Axium's Marketing Communications team to redesign their corporate website ( and overhaul its architecture so non-developers can manage the site's content.

Since Axium already had a graphic designer on staff, Luna focused on the information architecture and interaction design while collaborating with the graphic designer on layout and appearance issues. Luna Design also drove the new software architecture featuring templates and user controls on ASP.NET 1.1 that allows the Marcom team to edit HTML-like ASPX files and reference the powerful user controls via an HTML tag-like syntax. As needed, additional user controls can be engineered and then dropped in for use by the Marcom team.

Some project highlights included:

  • Home Page - This page features an introduction to the company (emphasized by a Flash animation and larger intro text) and its products. Also featured are key sales resources such as product webinars, demos and user conferences and company differentiators.

  • Main Products Page - This page reiterates the company's general product focus and then divides into two side-by-side areas to explain its two main products and their differences. A lot of effort was spent organizing and refining the content throughout the site to make sure varying target audiences (ranging from people unfamiliar with Axium to long-time customers) could quickly understand what the company and its products are about anf find the information they are seeking.

  • Products Pages - As Axium's software packages offer very comprehensive feature sets, it was necessary to provide for two levels of navigation under each product to group similar concepts together. In this example, the General Ledger features for Axium's Ajera product are explained. Notice that this page is grouped with the rest of the product's accounting features but kept close to its other top level features so the site visitor gets a good idea of the breadth of features.

  • Registration Pages - Luna Design created database-driven registration controls to handle displaying available events, taking user registration info and sending confirmation e-mails. These general purpose controls were set up with full field validation and are parameter driven so they can be used for registering people for different types of events.

  • Site Search - Luna Design investigated various search engine packages for Axium and integrated one into the site via another custom user control.

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Home Page
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Main Products Page
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Sample Product Page
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Registration Page for Internet Presentations
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Site Search Results
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