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This page details the general process we usually follow when working on a full design and development project. Of course, the process we use for a specific project depends on which parts of the project we are hired for, the client's desired level of involvement, the nature of the project itself and any constraints the client may have. Some of the process steps may be as short as one day, some may be fairly lengthy. We are very flexible and can easily adapt our process to fit your regular working procedures.

Our general process includes the following steps:

  1. User Interface Analysis - We bring a fresh perspective to the client, analyze their current user interfaces and make recommendations. This will often include a competitive analysis and a usability analysis.

  2. Requirements Gathering - We work with the client to create a concise set of requirements for the project and generate a formal requirements specification. It's absolutely crucial that all parties are in sync before proceeding further as we'll check against these requirements at the end of each of the steps that follow to make sure we're still meeting all the clients' needs.

  3. User Interface Design - We create the following to solve the requirements specified in the previous step:

    • Functionality Design - What specific features will be offered to users.
    • Information Architecture - How the information will be organized and presented.
    • Layout Design - What the website or application will look like.
    • Interaction Design - How the user will interact with the website or application.

  4. Prototyping - We build a mockup that shows how key features will appear and how they will work. We present the prototype to the client, solicit feedback and then make any necessary adjustments to the design.

  5. Implementation - We do any necessary programming for the website or application and work with the client to create and integrate content.

  6. Staging, Testing & Release - We stage the completed work on the client's systems, test the functionality and work with the client's team to release the website or application.

If requested, we will perform usability testing during one or more of the above steps. We try to do this as early as possible, usually during the prototyping step, but this can vary depending on the particular constraints and nature of the project.

To make this process flow smoothly, we can also handle project management duties, if requested by the client.

Lastly, regardless of which parts of a project we are hired for, we want to make sure our work can be carried forward and leveraged after our part is done. As a result, we document all our work and insist on formal hand-offs and walkthroughs at the culmination of the project.

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