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Luna Design can perform usability testing on your website or application to measure the overall effectiveness of your user interface. Instead of assuming the current or proposed design will work the way the designer thinks it will, why not try it out on some actual users and get a firsthand look?

In usability testing, we begin by identifying the target audiences we wish to test, finding some representative users and inviting them to a user test. At the user test, we can give our users an interface to explore and see which features they gravitate towards and find out if they pick up the main concepts. Or we can give them specific tasks to complete and observe how they use the interface to do so and the areas where they succeed or fail. Sometimes we will follow up with a short survey designed to identify how the tested user interface design fared in all four areas — functionality, information architecture, layout/appearance and interaction. We custom tailor each usability test project to the specifics of the interface to be tested and the information desired by the client.

Usability testing can be performed at pretty much any stage in a project. However, this is usually undertaken at the beginning of a project to identify areas for improvement, during the prototyping phase to test out a proposed design before development begins, or at the end to verify that any interface changes had their intended effects.

We can also perform this service in conjunction with a full user interface analysis.

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