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User Interface Analysis

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We can analyze your current user interface and report back on how well it solves your needs. For example:

  • Does the current information organization allow users to easily find what they're looking for?

  • Does the interaction model allow users to easily accomplish their tasks?

  • Does the visual design effectively communicate your desired message and branding?

  • Does the implementation work well on all prevalent computer platforms, web browsers and varying connection speeds?

  • How does your user interface stack up against your competitor's?

  • Does your interface take advantage of the latest user interface approaches and technologies?

  • Are there features your applications could easily offer that would make a huge difference for their users?

These are but a few of the areas we can analyze for you and make recommendations.

We can also analyze any user data you may have, such as server logs for websites, and identify any positive or negative user trends.

User interface analysis can be performed at almost any stage in a project. However, this is usually undertaken at the beginning of a project to identify areas for improvement or at the end to verify that any interface changes had their intended effects.

We can also perform this service in conjunction with usability testing to get a firsthand look at how users are responding to your interfaces and specific areas where they are succeeding or failing.

Web analysis and application analysis are constantly evolving fields, but we pride ourselves on constantly keeping abreast of new approaches and technologies.

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