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For over 16 years, Luis Navarro has been specializing in the design and development of user interfaces — how users interact with computers (and vice versa). Computers can be incredibly powerful tools but Luis realized early on that they are only as powerful or useful as their user interfaces allow them to be. After all, what good is some ultra-powerful feature if the user doesn't know it exists or how to use it? As a result, Luis' ongoing mission is to find ways to unlock the potential power (and information) within clients' systems and applications by making it accessible through easy-to-use, highly functional user interfaces.

As an early adopter of World Wide Web technology, Luis has been interested in its use to bring services to people that they would normally get from traditional mediums. Great examples of traditional services that have gone online are Web-based phone directories, stock quotes, travel reservations and searchable product catalogs. Meanwhile, despite the popularity of the Web, desktop applications are not going away anytime soon and can always use improvements in functionality and usability.

A copy of Luis' resume (38k PDF or 12k text) is available for your perusal. If you don't have a PDF viewer, you may download Adobe Acrobat from Adobe's site.

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