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Axium logo Axium is a software company specializing in accounting and project management software for the architectural and engineering industry. Axium solutions help companies streamline their time-to-billing process, increase project profitability and employee productivity and manage their business more successfully.

In 2005, Axium hired Luna Design to work with its Marketing Communications team to redesign their corporate website ( and overhaul its architecture so non-developers can manage the site's content. While working for Axium, we:

  • Drove information architecture and interaction design issues while working closely with Axium's graphic designer on the layout design.
  • Created site infrastructure based on templates and user controls using C# and ASP.NET 1.1 so Marcom team can edit HTML-like ASPX files and reference user controls via HTML tag-like syntax.
  • Researched, selected, customized and integrated search engine technology into the new site.

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