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So what exactly is a user interface anyway?

Put simply, a user interface (also known as a UI) is the means by which a user interacts with a computer (and vice versa). The interface can include input devices such as a keyboard, mouse, stylus or microphone and output devices such as the computer screen, printer and audio speakers. In a command-line interface, the user types in commands and the computer responds with text on the screen. In a graphical user interface (GUI), windows, buttons, text fields, menus, icons and other graphical elements are used to make the interaction more user friendly.

On this website, when we speak of user interfaces, we generally are referring to the graphical user interfaces that are used to interface with websites you visit in your web browser or desktop applications that reside on your Windows, Macintosh or Unix desktop.

Some websites are simply fancy brochures that introduce you to a product and do little more than offer static reading material and pictures. Others are interactive applications that allow you to perform tasks like searching a knowledge base, getting a stock quote or purchasing a product. Similarly, desktop applications run the gamut, from simple to extremely complex in functionality.

Big or small, website or desktop application, Luna Design Syndicate specializes in all kinds of user interface solutions, with services ranging from analysis to design to implementation. For full details, please see our Services section.

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