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Zaplet logo Zaplet, Inc. is a cutting-edge Internet start-up tasked with creating a new communication paradigm that combines aspects of e-mail, rich Web pages and instant messaging to enable knowledge worker collaboration. Zaplet, Inc. is backed by premier venture capital firms such as Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (being led by Sun Microsystems co-founder, Vinod Khosla) and has raised almost $100 million in financing.

In 2000, Luna Design was hired by Zaplet, Inc. to join the User Experience team in designing the Zaplet platform's user interface. While at Zaplet, Inc, we:

  • Worked on designs for the company's consumer-oriented portal site and enterprise-oriented intranet platform.
  • Led design efforts for several key projects.
  • Developed the consumer product's information architecture (how information is organized throughout the application) to maximize user productivity and understanding of Zaplet concepts and uses.
  • Helped define product requirements with product managers.
  • Performed usability testing on proposed designs.
  • Worked closely with engineers to ensure that designs could be implemented within schedule constraints.

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