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Unicru logo Unicru is a leading provider of workforce solutions for the retail, dining, hospitality and healthcare industries. Their hosted software and services streamline hiring processes to cut costs while simultaneously and continuously improving the quality of their clients' workforces. Unicru's clients include Best Buy, Albertsons, Circuit City, Lowe's, Blockbuster Video, Hollywood Video and Kroger.

Unicru hired Luis Navarro in 2005 to serve as User Experience Architect. As such, Luis was responsible for all aspects of creating the user experience for the next generation platform as well as enhancements to the existing platform. While at Unicru, Luis:

  • Designed information architecture, layouts and interactions for web-based applications for job applicants, store hiring managers and corporate recruiters.
  • Created interactive mockups in C# and ASP.NET to test out concepts with users.
  • Designed new features for existing platform.
  • Designed and developed administration tools in C# and .NET 2.0 Windows Forms to lower company's support costs.

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