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Sun logo Sun Microsystems is a Fortune 500 company and a major force in defining and powering the Internet.

In 1998 and 1999, three Sun divisions hired Luna Design for perform various assignments:

  • The Workstation Products Group initially hired Luna to organize key technical documents scattered across dozens of makeshift Web servers into a cohesive information architecture. In the process, we also proposed, designed and developed the Web-based Intranet Document Repository (IDR) system to allow anyone in the division to find and publish documents and maintain the information organization we designed. While working on the IDR system, we:
    • Designed all functionality and user interfaces from scratch.
    • Architected system framework, including back-end database design and integration with Apache Web server, CGI applications, Ultraseek search server and several company employee databases.
    • Implemented functionality as CGI applications written in C.
    • Wrote scripts to monitor site components and report key statistics.
    The end product is a dynamic system that accepts many document types, allows easy document browsing, searching, publishing and has a strong, yet flexible administration model.
  • The NAFO Solutions Marketing Group hired Luna Design to install another IDR system and further enhance it for corporate marketing purposes.
  • The Information Appliances Group hired Luna Design to lead design and development of all user interfaces and system administration tools for the initial release of the Sun Ray 1 thin-client platform. While working for IAG, we:
    • Designed on-screen display icons for the Sun Ray desktop's firmware operating system.
    • Designed and developed "Desktop Settings" application in Java for use by non-technical end users.
    • Architected and developed Web-based and command-line site administrator tools using C, CGI and LDAP.
    • Designed and developed enhancements to the IDR system (see above).

From 1990 through early 1996, Luna principal Luis Navarro worked as a Software Engineer in three different Sun divisions. During those 5+ years, Luis:

  • Mastered UNIX, X Windows, Motif, C/C++ and Object Oriented Design.
  • Worked on several projects including a secure operating system, an advanced development DOMF/CORBA desktop, and a suite of graphical tools for administering high-end server platforms.
  • As an early adopter of Web technology, Luis designed an online help system based on HTML and led Sun's first licensing effort of this technology back in 1995.

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