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Enigma logo Enigma Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company developing IC components for the networking, enterprise and storage markets. The company is focused on solving several key challenges faced by leading manufacturers of communications equipment by adopting innovative architectures to enable the deployment of advanced services with minimum power, density and cost. Enigma was formed by communication industry veterans from Cisco, Intel, and Vitesse Semiconductor.

In 2002, Enigma selected Luna Design to use its professional web design and development expertise to create a new corporate site ( While working for Enigma, we:

  • Organized the site's information with an eye towards several future expansions.
  • Designed a simple yet sharp look and feel to reflect the company's personality and technology.
  • Created a simple template structure that would allow non-technical users to create and edit content.
  • Advised on corporate logo and color adjustments.

Enigma quote

Subsequently, Enigma hired Luna in 2004 and 2006 to perform content updates, some architecture enhancements and to help move their infrastructure to a new hosting provider.

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