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For details on how to use this site, please see the Help page or the Site Map. For technical and design details about this site and credits, read on.

Technical Details

This site is being served by an Apache HTTP Server running on a Linux server at our ISP, Bay Area Internet Solutions.

All HTML pages were hand-coded and make extensive use of Apache's server-side include module to create page templates that separate all the nitty gritty page structure details from the actual page content. This makes the site very easy to maintain. The HTML code is designed to work cleanly on all prevalent browsers and platforms.

The DHTML pulldown menus used throughout the site were created with Coalesys WebMenu Studio 1.2.

Design Details

The site was designed to support three navigation models simultaneously:

  • The Previous/Next buttons on the left navigation bar and the Next button in the content area allow a casual user to page through the entire site like a slide show.
  • The Section Navigation on the left navigation bar allows the user to explore and/or skip around within a section.
  • The Pulldown Menus (on supported browsers) allow the user to instantly jump to any page on the site.

The page layout was designed to fit within standard browser margins on an 800x600 pixel screen and a print mode was created to conserve toner and trees.

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