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Luna Design Syndicate, Inc. is a minority-owned consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon that designs and builds user interfaces for websites and applications. Our specialty is user interface design, especially the areas of information architecture and interaction design.

Since 1997, we have been serving a wide array of clients, ranging from large companies such as Sun Microsystems and TriQuint Semiconductor to small companies like Zaplet, Inc. and Enigma Semiconductor.

Although we like talking in the "royal we," we are usually a one-man shop led by Luis Navarro. However, we sometimes bring in strategic partners to help out with specific tasks.

Luna Design provides a rich set of services for different stages in your project; we can perform one or all of them for you. We can work alone or as part of an existing team. You decide how to best utilize our services.

Luna Design is a proud member of the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Oregon and the Computer Human Interaction Forum of Oregon (CHIFOO).

For more details about Luna Design, please see our guiding principles and the general process we follow on most projects. Or, please feel free to contact us.

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