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All the work we do is guided by a simple set of design principles:

  • Unlock the power of our clients' information. Our belief is that computer systems contain immense potential to help humans accomplish their business and personal goals through the vast information they hold. However, most systems do not approach their potential due to poorly designed user interfaces. Our goal is to unlock the potential power of this information by creating powerful, yet easy-to-use interfaces that feature intuitive information organization and intelligent interaction models.

  • The best design is often the least noticed. While other firms will throw flashy animations and other eye candy at your users to cover up user interface limitations, our specialty is the simple, elegant design that works so smoothly and flawlessly that your users don't notice. Or complain. All because they're too busy quickly finding the information they need and accomplishing their tasks.

  • Focus on the interaction. Although appearance is important in user interface design, interaction is king. The most visually attractive interface is worthless if the users can't interact with it easily to get their jobs done. As a result, all our design projects are designed around the interaction model.

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